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2017 season, un-coated lead bullets will no longer be allowed on the indoor IDPA ranges. All bullets must be copper, copper plated, or sealed (fully coated).
Membership in IDPA not required to try it, regular shooters are required to have an IDPA membership to participate. Only IDPA members can shoot a classifier and shoot in major matches. Their magazine alone is worth the price of the membership...


Every IDPA match is a collaborative event - everyone participates! This means helping with setup, tear-down, and (most importantly) taping targets in between shooters. Just because you pay an entry fee doesn't mean you don't work - we ALL pay entry fees to shoot. Recalcitrant ne'er-do-wells will be uninvited from future matches for repeated violations of this common courtesy rule. We want everyone to have fun, and that means we all play together.


In any shooting venue, one thing should remain constant: safety. At every IDPA match, there are several IDPA-certified Safety Officers. These individuals will provide a safety briefing for all new shooters, or anyone who'd like a refresher. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There are no stupid questions when it comes to gun safety.

We run a cold range, which means your gun remains unloaded and holstered until it's your turn to shoot, and you're instructed to load by the safety officer. There are designated safety areas and these are the only places (besides the firing line) that you may remove your gun from your holster. Please use these safety areas when removing/replacing your gun in it's bag. There are 2 locations for your gun: in your range bag, or in your holster. If you have neither, please see a safety officer before retrieving your firearm. There is no handling of ammo in the safety areas. Please load your magazines elsewhere.

- The right holster is very important for IDPA and CCW. If you can't find what you need off the shelf and want one made to fit your gun call:

Jeremy Hardin at (316) 390-8103 or email him at bluedragon350454@yahoo.com . He has made KYDEX holsters for many of our club members.

If you prefer LEATHER contact William Turner at WILLIAMSGUNLEATHER@gmail.com or call him at 316-880-2197. He has made LEATHER holsters for many of our club members.

Greg Lada - IDPA Area Coordinator and SOI




  ALL scores can now be found on the Practiscore.com website.


Tuesday night shoots at the BULLETSTOP are cancelled due to lack of attendance.

Sunday night shoot at the BULLSEYE Range, see their page.


2nd and 4th Thursdays at RANGE54

TRIGGER GUARD IDPA Monthly Match 3rd Saturday - North of Wellington, check out their page for more details






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